About the Author

Adam Chappell writes about Internet network technologies, the challenges of operating a large-scale network and offers opinions on how to make the best use of network resources and technology today.

He was first introduced to the Internet network technology and service provider business when he joined Cliff Stanford’s pioneering UK dialup ISP, Demon Internet, in mid-1995.

He was able to experience a great many aspects of running a successful network service provider business and worked within the areas of technical support, network operations and in-house software development.

Following that he moved to COLT and helped develop their 1st-generation long distance IP network and its associated supporting systems including service provisioning, performance reporting and customer interface systems.

He currently works at Interoute in the energetic and lively technology and development group in London, having overseen Interoute’s IP/MPLS network – supporting Internet, VPN and Voice services – grow from paper design in 2001 to 90 connected cities in 2008.